Owner: Richard Sweeney
Location: Clarkston, MI / Oakland County, MI

Richard Sweeney has been operating Mr. Stump in Clarkston, Michigan and the surrounding Oakland County area since 2009. His hands-on, relational business style provides customers with exceptional service in stump removal that goes above and beyond what they expect. The company values relationships efficiency, and integrity at all levels of their work. Richard invests unparalleled effort into caring for each individual client, paying particular attention to their specific needs and concerns when it comes to removing a stump on their property. His business has excelled over the last year due to his acquisition of Rayco’s new RG45-R stump grinder with wireless remote option in October of 2014.



Time is critical, which makes efficiency a high priority. The challenge facing Richard Sweeney and his company, Mr. Stump, was finding a machine that not only got the job done, but got the job done efficiently. Prior to purchasing the RG45, Mr. Stump operated with an older Rayco stump grinder model that worked great, but wasn’t all wheel drive and didn’t allow for great efficiency and speed in getting the job done. What Richard desired for his business was a combination of both innovation and efficiency that would allow him to operate with freedom and productivity. 



Richard completed a thorough process of research on both newer Rayco models and several of Rayco’s competitors in trying to find the best solution for his business needs. The choice came down to between a Vermeer model with a track drive system and Rayco’s RG45-R four wheel drive, diesel stump grinder. The deciding factors were:

  • the RG45-R was more “lawn friendly” — coming in at only 2,500 lbs — with wheels that don’t dig into softer turf
  • the dual wheel configuration provides a safer solution on all surfaces and grades
  • the option of a wireless remote for efficient operation of the machine

With these features delivered by the Rayco RG45-R, the solution became an easy decision for Richard. 

Product Profile


The RG45 delivers all the features customers want and fits them into a compact diesel stump cutter with turbo diesel power, 4 wheel drive, and a hydraulic backfill blade. It also comes in a self-propelled package that fits through a 36” gate. Operators appreciate the large cutting dimensions as well as visibility and protection of the swing-out control station. For travel through gates, the control station swings in line. Wide floatation tires and 4 wheel drive allow the RG45 to maintain traction in challenging conditions. A hydraulic backfill blade saves time during clean up, letting you get on to the next job. The RG45-R provides operators with a remote control and wireless starting option that gives them the freedom they need to have full control over their job.



After choosing the RG45-R from Rayco, there isn’t a job Richard can’t tackle.

“There isn’t a stump in the state of Michigan that I can’t get out… Rayco has set the bar so high for the competitors.” - Richard Sweeney, Mr. Stump.

A few of Richard’s colleagues questioned the wireless remote feature, fearing that it would decrease efficiency, but Richard has found the exact opposite to be true. The ability to move around the machine freely has increased his efficiency and productivity beyond his imagination. Having a wireless remote allows Richard to move away from the machine to get a clear view of his work and to safely see any and all clearances when working close to houses and other obstacles. Business has improved greatly for Richard and his company, Mr. Stump, largely in part to the efficiency and performance of the RG45-R. He has been able to perform more jobs than he ever has before, and several tree cutting companies are now using him as their primary stump removal service.

“When the RG45 comes off my trailer, it causes people to stop and just stare at it. It’s a great machine and I couldn’t be happier with it’s performance.” - Richard Sweeney, Mr. Stump.



The RG45-R gets the job done safely, powerfully, and efficiently for Mr. Stump all while turning heads with its rugged, innovative style. Richard found all of his desired needs in the RG45-R, but what has really impressed him is the service and support from Rayco. 

“They really do go above and beyond by giving a personal touch to their service,” said Richard, “I even drove a few hours just to shake their hands.”

As a company, Mr. Stump puts a high value on relationships, and what you’ll find when you talk with its owner, Richard Sweeney, is that Rayco has gone to great lengths to support him and his business.